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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. beginners through to gurus are making truck loads of cash with affiliate marketing everyday.

Affiliate marketers really have it easy. They don’t have to worry about product creation, customer support, or website hassles. They can just promote their affiliate links while they sit back and get paid. And more often than not, they get paid more than the product owner.

The hardest part about affiliate marketing is getting quality, targeted traffic to your offers. That’s why I wrote this report- to share effective, no cost ways of promoting your affiliate links.

Finding a product to sell with high paying commissions– eg 60%, 70%, even 100% commissions are not uncommon these days. 100% instant commissions are my favorite. You get 100% of the sale paid to your PayPal account instantly. Can’t beat that!

There are hundreds of affiliate networks, but a few of the more popular ones are ClickBank.com, Zaxaa.com, Amazon.com etc. Each platform has thousands of digital products in their marketplace which affiliate can sign up for free and promote. Some offer 100% commissions, and you’re an experienced marketer, you can request instant payout.

You will need a PayPal account to collect commissions from most places. Getting a PayPal account is one of the first things to do when you start marketing online. Most popular affiliate programs will pay you to your PayPal account. Sign up is free at PayPal.com

The future Is Video

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade, video marketing is taking over the web. Video is on every website and it’s the preferred medium for high-earning affiliate marketers.

One specific affiliate marketing method I want to share with you is the YouTube + Google search marketing method know as the YouTube Bully method. We say ‘bully’ because you can beat or rank higher on Google than other videos, even ones made by big companies.

Basically, you create a video on a niche topic, and in particular, around a niche product name, and upload it to YouTube, and then add some back-links,. Views and likes to get it ranked in Google and YouTube search for the keyword you selected.

The secret to YouTube video marketing lies in choosing high search volume, and low-competition keywords.

Basically, you need to find keywords or a string of keywords (long tail keywords e.g.’ how to build a tree house on a budget’) that a high number of people are searching for on search engines which have a low number of competing videos and/or pages in Google and YouTube search engine results page.

A good rule to go by when looking at keyword strings are ones that have around 100 to 1000 searches a month but less than 100,000 pages in the search results on the search engines.

Let’s do a short example of how a good YouTube video affiliate marketing campaign would go…

Let’s say you’re into ‘World of Warcraft’ and you want to sell a product about it. So you go to ClickBank to find a product to promote about “WoW” i.e.a ‘World of Warcraft’ guidebook. There are lots of WoW guides so it means people are buying them. Of course, the niche and product you choose can by anything; I’m just using this one as an example.

Next you want to go over to Google’s keyword planner tool and check out what people are searching for on the search engines about ‘World of Warcraft’. Note that ‘ World of Warcraft’ is also know as ‘WoW’ so include that in your tests too.

A quick search over at Google keyword tool shows me that there are 550,000 searches a month for the term ” World of Warcraft”. Which is great, but I know without looking that there are going to be millions of pages in the search results for that search phrase.

Blogging: Affiliate marketing links

Blogs are a marketer’s best friend. they’re relatively easy to set up use, flexible, great promotion tools and Google and real visitors love them. There are a heap of other benefits but just that you need one if you want increase your chances of making affiliate sales.

For those out there reading this that don’t know what a blog is, a blog is web space for you to share your expertise, to brand you and sell your products. You keep a log of anything you want and it will site there in space. Hence the name, blog (short for “web log”).

Affiliate marketing: Free Blog’s

These days, just about everyone has a blog. So, if you have been hiding under that rock again don’t have yourself a blog, you had better get moving over to WordPress.com or blogger.com and get yourself a free blog. Some people will tell you that WordPress is the best, but for a free blog, both WP and Blogger offer awesome free blogging platforms.

Monetizing Your Blog

Blogs are advertising machines. It’s super easy to put your affiliate links throughout the content, in sidebars and in banners etc.

You may also want to add banner ads to your blog. Banner ads nothing more than hyperlinked images. This means you can actually make any image a link so when your visitor clicks on the image, they are forwarded automatically to the page that image links to hint-hint: affiliate offer!

Many products offered by major affiliate companies such as ClickBank and Commission junction will have banners you can use to place around the internet, such as on your blog. They often have the HTML code there as well so you just need to copy and paste into the blog’s HTML source code.

You must have high quality, unique content if you want long-term free search engine traffic.

This is the most important tip of all. Sadly, it’s one which many website owners ignore.

Provide LOST of information-rich, keyword-rich,useful content for the search engines and humans to find.

You know that search engines are being clogged with junk at an alarming rate. The other day, I came across a marketer who was boasting that he owned more than 20,000 blogs-and he’s not the only one.Consider the scary effect of this exponential increase in low quality blogs and websites. Old, large, well established sites will inevitably become more and more important and trusted by the search engine.

These days, even Google’s webmaster guidelines advice affiliate publish ‘unique and relevant’ content.

If you spend time thinking of ways to provide truly useful content that people will talk about, you’ll automatically end up with lots of free, one-way links to your site as people recommend it without even being asked to do so.

Keep adding fresh, relevant, useful content.

According to Google, about half the 2.5 billion searches done a day at Google are for unique, one-off phrases. The more pages you build full of on-topic material, the better the chances your site will be found. When it comes to keywords, think big. You want your site to be found via thousands of different phrases every month.

Then, you can lure that traffic to your best money-generating pages or to your newsletter sign-up page.

Also,search engine prefer fresh sites which keep gradually adding new content. Don’t let your site go stale.

Choose a memorable domain name.

If you’re launching a new site, choose a name people will remember easily. Years ago, I visited a site called ‘forkinthehead.com’ It’s logo is a man with a fork in his head. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? However, all it took for me to remember that unusual site was ONE visit years ago.

You may not wish to go to such extreme lengths, but at least ask yourself: Will people remember my domain name?

Try to choose a name which won’t be confused with similar names. You don’t want people typing your competitor’s name when they’re trying to find your site.

Buy the wrong domain name, too.

If you think people may confuse your name with a similar, try to buy that name, too.

I noticed that sometimes when newsletters mentioned AssociatePrograms.com they put the “S” in the wrong place and called it “associatesprogram.com”.

It even happened at an internet marketing conference I was attending. The speaker kindly mentioned my site, but got the name wrong. Whoops! So when that wrong domain name because available, I bought it.

Now, if you muddle up the name and type ” AssociatesPrograms.com” you’re automatically redirected to AssociatePrograms.com.

It occurred to me that people in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, who think “programs” is spelled” programs,” might also have trouble getting my domain name right.

A good domain name registrar will it very easy for you to redirect one domain to another. 000Domains.com is one that does.

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