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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO tutorial for beginners: SEO is the art and science of helping websites get found in major searches. The process is often complicated, timely and manually intensive. It can be a waste of time if your pages are not structured in a search engine friendly manner. Hence, SEO can be thought of as the medium one can use to communicate with a search engine, so that it knows exactly what your web site is about. It is also about achieving a high level of search engine visibility, though a wide variety of well-optimized keyword phrases, that are directly related to your business.

Search Engine Optimization refers to a variety of techniques used to improve a web page’s keyword or keyword phrase on Search Engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of search marketing.

It is a technical process of manipulating a website with the aim of optimizing or promoting keyword search phrases, relevant to that website to the search engine, so they it turn, will index the site as highly relevant to that keyword search phrase. Once indexed, the search engine will list the website in its ‘natural listings’.

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Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is capable of providing you a strategic edge over competitors.

  • Has a positive psychological impact on a visitor
  • Help you create a brand identity
  • Higher ‘brand recall’
  • Better web site positioning
  • Increase in targeted on-line traffic
  • Ability to dominate over competition your mirror sites
  • Fast, measurable ROI
  • Increased and boosted product sales, and online visibility
  • Lower client acquisition costs
  • Broader web-marketing share
  • Compete efficiently against larger competitors
  • Continuous visibility
  • Makes the most out of the best tool for advertising
  • The cheapest marketing tool, even on the net

Seo Tutorial For Beginners Guideline

I am gonna run all you beginners out there through a brief on seo so at least you will have some idea of waht search engine optimization is all about so you can get your new websites. Or blogs to rank highly in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If no one can find your new site than how are you gonna earn a lot of cash from your new business? You can have the best online business in the world but if on-one can find it, it is rendered virtually useless. This is where learning how to rank highly in the search engines comes into play and this little seo tutorial for beginners will get you started in the right direction.

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Oh, and before I forget. If you want a great course on seo training for beginners click on that big banner to the left. you will get a special 2 for 1 deal by clicking that big banner. Google Dominatrix, and the course how to cash in off the newest algorithm change Google Farmer. This a great course for beginners, and even advanced internet marketers. Enough about that. Here is a few seo tips you can use right away to rank higher in the search engines and put more cash in your pockets.

Seo Tutorial For Beginners Tips And Steps To Take

seo tutorial for beginners

SEO Tutorial Tip 1.

Put your Keywords in your domain name. Some marketers are saying Google is putting less importance on domains with the keywords in them, but that is not what I am seeing. Just do a quick search on Google for some keywords you want to go after that are related to your blog, or website. For example: I just did a search for earn cash make money online do you see who is number 1 for that keyword phrase? Here is number 1: www.earn-cash-make-money-online.com/

How about the keyword learn affiliate marketing? The number 2 result is learnaffiliatemarketingblog.net/

How about the keyword phrase affiliate lessons? The number 1 listing is affiliatelesson.com/

How about the highly competitive keyword phrase earn money online? The number 3 listing when doing a search on Google is earnmoneyonlinehub.com

Let us try one last one the keyword phrases SEO Tutorial? Results number 5 and 6 on Google first page are seo-tutorial.seoadministrator.com/ and www.extremeseotips.com

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Are you starting to see a pattern here? Go ahead and try it yourself….Ibet you come up with similar finding. Now do you see how important having your keywords in your domain name is for you to build a solid seo foundation and to get free targeted traffic to your blog, or website, from the search engine? Choose a keyword phrase with low competition, and high searches, so you domain name can dominate Google first page for that particular keyword phrase.

SEO Tutorial Tip 2

If you have a blog, or website make sure your site title or meta tags have your keyword phrases that you are trying to rank for in them. Pick 3-5 keyword phrases and use them for your sites title, and the description of your site for optimal seo performance.

SEO Tutorial Tip 3

Make sure your sites content has your keyword phrases in it. Google loves content that is what the internet is based around so give Google what they want. Highly optimized, great content, and they will give you what you want. Higher rankings in the search engines, and better seo for your website, or blog. Quick SEO tutorial for beginners– Do not stuff your keywords everywhere in your sites text use them moderately. Remember: Your site is for people first, and the search engines second.

SEO Tutorial Tips 4

SEO tutorial for beginners: Build high quality back-links to your blog, or website. You can comment on forums by making a signature link with a link to your website, or blog. Every post you make in that particular forum will be free advertising for your website, and a high quality back-link. Join some of the major sites like Ezinearticles.com, Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com etc. When you set up your free profile on these sites make sure you have a link to your blog, or website, in you forum profile for a free, high quality back-link from the search engine. You can comment or blogs related to your website in the URL box.

There is no limit on the number of back-links you can have pointing at your website. The sky is the limit. there is an old saying in the internet marketing community. He, or she, with the most back-links usually wins the seo war. So keep building quality back-links to your site at a steady pace, Google will reward you for it.

These seo tips will get you headed in the right direction beginners. Good luck with your new blog, or website. I hope you start earning some good cash from your seo efforts down the road.

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